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This post is LONG overdue.  TallyGear creates some unique and sporty cases that hold anything from an insulin pump to cell phone to ipod.
This sport case seems very durable and compact.  I like that it has two pouches to hold a pump and CGM or Meter.  The adjustable strap makes it one size fits all.
Here’s my take on it.  I like the case and actually use it for some of the exercising that I do where I’m jumping around (Plyometrics) or constantly moving (Yoga) into different positions.  The case holds my pump nicely so it is out of the way and doesn’t constantly fall out of my pocket.
The only downside I see is that it’s pretty feminine and not something that I think a guy would wear openly, even in the plain black color. Another think I like about the case is that it is made to be hidden and not like a fanny pack worn on the outside for the most part.
A few years ago when I first started on my pump I was doing a good deal of mountain biking.  The biggest fear I had was if I fell off (did this often) and accidentally smashed my pump to smithereens.  That would be a couple grand I’d rather not spend on a new pump.  The second part is that I feared it would fall out of my pocket and get caught in the tires or crank shaft, which is even more scary to think about the infusion site getting ripped out.  Back in the day I used an old neoprene case that held a portable CD player.  Yeah, I am now in the 21st century with ipods, but I held on to the case for only that purpose. This case would be perfect for biking.
Another positive is that I could use this case instead of having to use one of my pockets in my pants/shorts.  With a cell phone in one pocket, there’s only one other pocket left.  If I fill it with a pump, I’m out of storage.  This case would come in handy for trips or vacations where I need my pockets.
What would you use this case for?
Here are some pictures of the case: